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Why we recommend Tyron Tyres

We're often asked about tyres and there's always one thing our customers hear about often, the Tyron MultiBand, for the simple reason of the added safety this device provides and the peace of mind it offers. We've been fitting Tyron for years and will likely continue doing so.

What is the Tyron Safety Band?

The Tyron MultiBand is designed to lock a deflated tyre onto the wheel which allows you to drive to an area of safety. Locking the tyre onto the wheel enables the wheel rim to run on the tyre rubber, not metal, giving the driver greater control to steer out of danger by stopping the tyre from coming off the wheel and the vehicle from becoming unstable.

The Tyron MultiBands were originally designed for police forces but are now used on a wide variety of vehicles from cars and caravans to ambulances, fire appliances, VIP transport, cash-in-transit vans and commercial vehicles. Tyron MultiBands are lightweight, so they do not affect fuel consumption, acceleration and braking and with no moving parts the Tyron MultiBand does not affect the balance of the wheels, are maintenance free and are fitted for the life of the wheel.

For the owners of caravans and motorhomes, the band introduces a significant amount of confidence should you experience a flat at those moments requiring urgent action, buying you the time you need to get your vehicle off the road and repaired safely.

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With years of experience fitting these life saving devices we can provide all the advice and guidance you need. Give us a call today to discuss.

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