Speedcoat Shower Tray Repair

A service to renovate cracked or damaged shower trays which transforms a shabby or leaking unit into a smart, fresh and fully functioning appliance again.

Speedcoat uses a superior, tough and durable polymer spray liner, SPEEDLINER EURO HC®, to refurbish shower trays, and comes in a wide range of colours to match your existing bathroom.

SPEEDLINER EURO HC® is a unique, specially developed, anti-bacterial, anti-microbial tried and tested high quality coating that will withstand a high level of ‘wear and tear’ and guarantees against mould, mildew and fungi contamination.

More details can be found at www.speedcoateuro.com.

This product can also be used to seal leaking roofs, to create anti-slip steps, or to create tone chip resistant sills and front panels.

SPEEDLINER EURO HC® is a professional use only product and Out and About are fully trained local agents.